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Infertility Consultation & Workup

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Infertility treatment in Pune

IVF-In Vitro fertilization

Mild IVF is similar to regular IVF in which the same sequential


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3D and 4D-Ultrasound

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IVF treatment, infertility treatment in Pune

Andrology Laboratory Services

Blastocyst ET given an additional 5-10% increase


IVF Clinic in Pune, IVF treatment in Pune

Complete Endocrine Work-up

Objective allows us in selecting the best possible


IVF Center in Pune, Fertility Center in Pune

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Abnormal or poor sperm morphology Extremely low count


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IUI - We offer the latest treatment protocol

IUI means placing your husband’s prepared semen sample into your uterine cavity. The semen sample preparation is commonly known as “sperm washing”. This involves the semen sample in a test tube and then a centrifuge. This results in the collection of sperm in a “pellet” at the bottom of the test tube. The seminal fluid is removed and fluid (media) is placed above the pellet.

IVF technology that introduces the female egg (oocyte) and male

IVF is a technology means fertilization outside the body (Fallopian Tube). The female egg (oocyte) and the male sperms are kept together in a specialized culture media in a dish where the chances of successful fertilization are greatly enhanced. All the procedures required during an IVF cycle, egg retrieval and embryo transfer are performed on-site in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Ssmile IVF

"Ssmile" is an initiative of internationally renowned & reputed 35 yrs experienced IVF Specialist Dr. Bharti Dhorepatil along with her expert team , who has been providing established IVF services all over India for over a decade with consistant successful pregnancy rates above 50%.

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